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90 days

Time-Efficient Workouts: Our boot camp workouts are incredibly time efficient by working the entire lower, upper and core part of the body for a complete hour, all while remaining within the fat burning, lean muscle building zone.

Workouts are Never Boring: You will never do the same workout twice in 90 days. By constantly challenging the body with progressively new routines, you never hit a plateau, continually delivering results week after week.

Personalized Training at a Fraction of the Cost: CardioFIT workouts are performed in small groups. We commit to each client as an individual. You get the benefit of one-on-one attention, at a fraction of the cost.

Life Fitness Coaching Equals Success: We’re dedicated to YOUR success. We employ Life Fitness Coaching to keep you committed to your results and accountable for your own actions to handle life’s stressors.

Choosing an Austin Boot Camp or a class in Austin Personal Training can be challenging and we are here to challenge you!

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“Within just a few boot camp workouts I noticed my energy levels increase throughout the day. Normally I hit a mid-afternoon dip, but I felt energized all day long. I also felt stronger and more powerful which helped me to feel better about my workday, family life and overall wellbeing. I know I’m doing great things for my body and that makes me feel good inside and out.”

- Lori F., Austin TX // Read More

“After taking Adrian’s boot camp, I have successfully changed my lifestyle in implementing new healthy eating habits and excercising more. I lost 30 lbs, decreased my body fat, increased my stamina and feel that I am in the best shape of my life at least since college back in the mid 80’s. I expect to continue with my new lifestyle going forward and feel that I am now...”

- Larry M., Austin TX // Read More

“...after the first two weeks, I not only felt heathier, but stronger. My body went further then I thought it could and I began to see results! Boot Camp with Adrian has helped me see that I can do more than just go for a run and do some situps. She integrates so many different moves to keep the session not only interesting, but to keep your body constantly evolving...”

- Christina M., Austin TX // Read More

“I am amazed everyday at the results I achieved with Adrian’s expertise and outstanding support! I started Adrian’s Boot Camp in January 2009 and I lost 30 pounds, went from a size 10 to a size 2 and my body fat percentage dropped from approximately 30% to 20%. Given Adrian’s knowledge, energetic support and consistent encouragement...”

- Karen K., Austin TX // Read More

“I have completed two rounds of boot camp now because I love how much energy I have during my workweek. I have a stressful job at times and boot camp helps me to feel empowered with more energy to complete my workload.”

- Carolina S., Austin TX // Read More

“Thirty days after joining CardioFIT Austin, the results were obvious…I had lost 13 pounds and 9 inches! You may think that these results are normal for 20 to 40 year olds, but I’m in my 50’s! Adrian gave me the tools I needed to continue a life of fitness without the gym membership. I now look at my relationship with food and exercise in a whole different light. Thanks, Adrian!”

- Jeri E., Austin TX // Read More

“Adrian was incredibly supportive and the results she was able to accomplish started being visible in less than 2 weeks!!!”

- Michael M., Austin TX // Read More

“Adrian and CardioFit have changed my life. From the early days where her support and understanding helped guide me through the doubt, to her never-faltering drive to push me to the next level, she has given me the power to take charge of my health. With Adrian’s passion, compassion, knowledge and encouragement I have experienced quite a transformation...”

- Deborah G., Austin TX // Read More